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Even though we are excited to be reopening, your safety is our number one priority. At the advise of the Governor Inslee, the CDC and WHO, we have implemented new safety procedures and have also made all games private regardless of how many tickets you purchase.

Due to rooms becoming private, we've had to establish minimum person requirements for the rooms to ensure guests have the possibility to fully complete the scenarios. See rooms for their requirements.



Team Sizes: 6-10

Olympia's greatest tourist trap 'The Museum of Curiosity' is threatened with closure, unless you and your team can help to unravel the museums curious past. See if you have what it takes to discover the mystery of the missing curator, and perhaps put an end to the alleged curse that has been brought to the museum.

This game includes physical activity such as kneeling and crawling. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended. The game also features low lighting in some areas. This game is only appropriate for 16 years and up.


Team Sizes: 4-8

This is Exit Puzzles debut escape room experience that will keep you immersed for 70 minutes as you and your teammates explore a thematically decorated room for clues to solve the room's puzzles and mysteries. This room features custom-made puzzles, artwork, and interactive electronics, along with a visually striking set design.

Find yourself entangled in the mysteries of one of downtown Olympia's oldest buildings. The previous building's manager, Mr. Dominus has taken ill and disappeared. Only leaving behind a mysterious locked box. After multiple threats from the reclusive landlord, you and your team have been tasked with discovering what dangers have been left behind. It's time for you to discover once and for all... what's in the box?

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Stuff we get asked

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a real live immersive experience for you and your friends. Players must solve the rooms fun and challenging puzzles before your groups time runs out. Clues are tricky, but no special skills or knowledge is required.

Where is the game located?

We are located at 109 5th Avenue SW, Olympia WA 98501. We're in a building called The Thurston Building, across the street from Olympia Federal Savings. For more information about parking and directions, please visit our contact page.

How long is the experience?

From start to finish, the entire experience is about 1 hour and 40 minutes long. Players will have 70 minutes to complete the game, with around 15 minutes of rules and information before the game, and 15 minutes after the game for debriefing and photos. Some teams may complete the game in under 70 minutes.

Will we really be locked in the room?

No. Your goal is to reach the conclusion of the narrative by uncovering clues, solving puzzles and discovering the rooms mysteries in the time allotted. Players may exit and re-enter the room at any time. Note that no refunds or additional time will be given for players who leave the room.

Will we be paired up with strangers?

No. Currently during phased reopening for the county all rooms are private. As a result, rooms do have a minimum person requirement. See room descriptions for those requirements.

Is this game suitable for kids?

Yes, sometimes kids are the ones with the creativity to find a solution. Our game is suitable for players of all ages 7 and up provided they are accompanied by enough adult players. However, as the puzzles progress and become more challenging, we recommend teams that are at least 13 and up.

How early should we arrive for our game?

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your start time. This is essential. You must arrive on time to participate. When you arrive you will receive a quick briefing on the game. Then the fun begins.

What should I bring with us?

You only need to bring your best wits and puzzle-solving ability. Wear anything you are comfortable in, and have your reading glasses available if needed. You may not use your cell phone in the room.

How much does it cost?

1-4 Tickets $35 per person
5-6 Tickets $33 per person
7-8 Tickets $30 per person
9 Tickets $28 per person
10 Tickets $27 per person

Have more than 10? Please contact info@exitpuzzles.com for setting up a private event.

For ticket times and availability click book now.

Do you do special events?

An escape room is a great way to celebrate special occasions, birthdays or corporate events. If you have a special event you want to set up, give us a call and we can customize your event to be a one of a kind memorable experience.


A uniquely tense bonding experience.

Caitlyn R.

Most fun I've had in awhile. Room was amazingly well thought out and seamlessly put together! 10/10

Taryn B.

Everything is amazingly detailed and awesome. Props to the minds behind it.

Apolonio O.

Extremely fun! I loved how unique each puzzle was. The fact that there was actually a story to go with the escaping objective was a nice touch too.

Riley W.

There is so much depth to the puzzles and stories, it was so much fun, I felt like a straight up detective.

Kaelan R.

Fun and unique experience! It was like a mystery puzzle brought to life.

Krystal S.


Past teams that conquered the room (and some that didn't)